Are you faced with an unscrupulous tenant? Are you looking to identify the owner of a property? Do you want to be sure of the reliability of a future tenant?

Regarding the real estate sector, the Fox detectives agency supports you in:

  • Prove an illegal sublet
  • Failure to occupy the premises for accommodation subject to the 1948 law
  • Find out about your future tenant
  • Contact the owner of a property directly

Our interventions will allow you to:

  • Check if your accommodation is occupied by someone other than the one holding the lease
  • If applicable, identify the person who occupies your accommodation
  • Determine if your accommodation is subject to short-term rental (airbnb, etc.)
  • Noting an insufficient occupation on the part of the tenant holding the Law 48 lease
  • Observe neighborhood disturbances
  • Observe and identify the perpetrator (s) of vandalism

Our other investigations
for individuals