Child care / Food Pension

Child care

Do you have a problem related to the custody of a minor child? Do you want to obtain objective elements to obtain or modify the right of custody?

Regarding custody rights, the Fox detective agency supports you in:

  • Obtain the elements that will support your case before a non-conciliation order
  • Obtain information that will allow you to request a change in custody rights
  • Prevent a possible endangerment of a minor child

Our interventions will allow you to:

  • Identify the places of custody of a minor child
  • Identify the person (s) in charge of the custody of your minor child
  • Evaluate a possible endangerment of a minor child

Food Pension

Are you having difficulty recovering alimony? Are you faced with a bad faith parent who minimizes or hides their income?

Regarding the payment of alimony, the Fox detectives agency supports you in:

  • Compile your file to assess the financial and asset standing of the other parent
  • Obtain a fair assessment of the amount of support
  • Obtain the settlement of unpaid support payments
  • Prevent or demonstrate a fraudulent insolvency organization
  • Establish the lifestyle of the other parent
  • Check if the other parent is currently working.

Our interventions will allow you to:

  • Identify the employer of the other parent
  • Identify the sources of income (hidden or not) of the other parent
  • Check the creditworthiness of the other parent
  • Establish that the other parent lives in cohabitation
  • Search the assets of the other parent in order to carry out a possible seizure for unpaid support payments

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